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B2B DataSolutions Ltd was formed to be a leading UK database provider with an innovative approach to supplying fresh, high quality B2B data in pre-selected bundles.

We have the specialised knowledge and expertise to ensure your marketing campaign is targeted and precise. We provide sophisticated database solutions and deliver tailored products specific to your core values, objectives, target audience and budget.

Now, as part of Corpdata Ltd, B2B DataSolutions brings an innovative approach married to a market leading data provider to serve you even better than ever.

Accurate Data

We source all our B2B data from our leading panel of data experts or through our dedicated team of in-house data cleansers. We test samples of all the data we source to ensure that you the customer can access the most highly verified and quality data available on the market.  This means our data is regularly in excess of 95% Accuracy.

Comprehensive Databases

  • Our business database can give contact information that includes contact name, phone number, verified email address, title, company name, mailing address and fax numbers
  • Our business database is segmented according to commonly requested parameters to provide useful files for many different types of company.  If you wish to custom select data based on criteria such as employee size, revenue size, industry/SIC code, etc. please contact us on (01626) 777400.

    Regional Data

    With access to millions of UK business records, we can help you identify new business prospects and develop your business by providing data-sets specific to the target geographic that's relevant. 

    For example: if yours is  a London based company whom aims solely to provide services to companies in the London locality, you could choose our London Business database to target those solely specific for you.  

    Search through our pre-packed data-sets available through our online store to find sets specific to the postcode, country or region that is ideal for you. 

    Industry Specific Data

    Here at B2B Data Solutions we appreciate that sometimes you need to specifically target your marketing activities so you only speak to prospects in Industries that can benefit from your particular brand of business product. Perhaps your product is niche in that it is designed solely with a particular industry in mind. We can offer data-sets specific in a particular industry so you only spend your time and resources approaching the companies that are appropriate for your business.  If you need something even more targeted, phone (01626) 777400.  

    Our B2B Products

    At Business Data Solutions we provide a whole suite of solutions tailored towards fulfilling your business objectives. 
    • Data Hygiene
    • Bespoke Data Acquisition
    • Compliance Screening
    • Targeted Data Solutions
    • Mailing Lists
    • Marketing consultancy
    For more in-depth information please click here or feel free to give us a call on (01626) 777400.
    “I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible." - Fred Hoyle

    Telecommunications Data

    Coming from a background within the Telecommunications Industry, B2B Data Solutions are specialists at providing high quality B2B & B2C telecommunications records.


    By adding the market leading data from Corpdata we now have access to a huge source of B2B Telecoms records covering mobile and landlines contracts we can provide accurate telecoms records covering:

    • Company Name
    • Decision Maker
    • Direct Email
    • Prospecting Info
    • Network Provider
    • Service Provider
    • Monthly fixed wire spend
    • Monthly mobile spend
    If you're in the Telecoms Industry we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you give us a call about our Telecoms data-sets. 

    Extra Content

    It's been said many times by our existing customers that the accuracy of data was their number one concern when It came to deciding whether to purchase B2B data off a new supplier. 

    Here at Business Data Solutions we understand that concern; to us It makes sense. We understand that their isn't much point to data unless it's accurate and when we say to our customers that we provide good B2B data we want our customers to sincerely believe that to be the case. 

    So if you're a prospective customer and you're thinking about using our services -we are more than happy to provide you with samples so you can see for yourself how accurate the records are. 

    And to prove we don't cherry pick samples we encourage you to challenge us with our sampling. 

    Throw something different into the box - request a sample by postcode, employee numbers, first letter of the company, last letter of the company, which ever. 

    It doesn't matter to us which sample you request because we're that confident in the quality of our data we're more than happy to do so. 

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    Do you have any queries about our business products or services? If so we encourage you to give us a call. Our dedicated staff are hear to help with any of your B2B data concerns.

    Remember you can also buy business data online from our online shop|Contact Business Owners for Advice and Discussions in our UK B2B Data Forum|or|Find out more about our business rates and B2B services by following this link.

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